THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS. This page is about one of the most musically innovative and commercially successful group of the original punk era. You can find here information about their records, concerts and live recordings. If you have any questions please contact me



You will find me in Utrecht at the record fair on Saturday 12. April 2014 at the ROUNDEAR stand. Come and visit us.


Today I received two new records. First R.P.I Fieldhouse Vol.2 Limited to 10. Similar cover like Vol.1
Further a live recording of the Hong Kong Concert from Feb. 1982. Limited to only 5 ! No picture cover only a black sleeve with sticker. Two with a full sleeve and three with a die cut sleeve. All with the same fully printed label. For pictures click MORE DETAILED and select the record in the dropdown menue. Right click the little picture to see it larger. For purchase (first come first serve) use the link RECORD FOR SELL.


You will find me in Utrecht at the record fair on Saturday 22. November 2013 at the ROUNDEAR stand. Come and visit us.


Between 5. Oct 2013 and 20. Oct 2013 I am in Croatia. No records can be send out during this time. Orders during this time will be shipped at Monday 21. Oct.


Finaly after a lot of work its out now: The Clash in Zurich - Limited to 100 copies. A concert which was never pressed on vinyl before !
Punk Rock With The Clash Details see at here »
Purchase in RECORDS FOR SELL »


Some more old boots are avaiable for trade or sell. Have a look and complete your collection


A very nice new record is avaiable. R.P.I Fieldhouse New York - Limited to 10 only. Deluxe Cover, black vinyl with label. Pictures see under MORE DETAILED.


The Clash - Get Down With It - With Wraparound Sleeve. Limited to 100 !


Limited to 5 only ! - Brussels Lotus Vol.2 - out now


Limited to 5 only ! Brussels Lotus Vol.1 - 12" EP - Pictures see at MORE DETAILED » - Demos And Outtakes


One of a kind ! Live In Stockholm 1984 - Ltd. #1/2


Punk Rock In Zurich will come but needs patience. Not before the end of February.


The Clash Take Tokyo arrived along with a lot of other Clash vinyl.


See you at the record fair in Milan 13.October 2012.


Some new records for sell. See RECORD FOR SELL. "Another History Of The Clash", "Casbah Club" and more. Some of them are on Ebay. Price can be discussed in some cases.


Place your wishlist of rare Clash Records ...
Again new Clash Bootlegs for sell or trade: Besides the Duesseldorf LP I have a nice copy of "Impossible Mission". Place your wishlist. I will try to find another copy of "We Dont Miss Mick Jones". Trading is still prefered. See my Wantlist. "Garageland", "Police And Firemen" red/red.


Clash Bootlegs for sell or trade ...
Some new Clash Bootlegs for sell or trade: "Bring The House Down", "16 Tracks", "Londonderry", "In Europe", "Cardiff 77", "L.I.V.E", "Sort It Out", and more ...


Some new Records for sell ...
Note: I will be around EU to visit some records stores. Make your order via e-mail. I will contact you latest when I am back at 17.10.2011.


Records for sell ...
Have a look to the REORDS FOR SELL link from time to time.


A lot of new Clash Lps came out ...
I will update this site with the new Lps soon. "Record Infos" and "More Detailed" works again.


Good news:
Joe Strummer movie


Help needed:
Who has scanned the covers of his Clash records AND is willing to share them with me ? Its for the new MORE DETAILED section.


My Collection:
Punk vinyl other than clash listed too now.


Unique Lps and Legends:
I have listed some of the rare, unique or don't realy existing Clash Lps. If you own one of this it would be great when you could send me a picture. Have a look.


Clash Information:
Currently I am working on a database where you can get a lot of information about Clash Vinyl Records. Thanks for all those who work with me and have send me their record lists. Come back from time to time and have a look if it is finished. There is already a First-Version (Record Infos) but not so detailed.